Past and present


The Styron ltd. from 1989 started the self-developed drain product line production. The undertaking’s activity plastic processing, inside this the production of drain fittings and plastic pallets and of these products distribution.

Our nearly by 25 year operation, we developed a considerable range of products, hereby the domestic, and the adjacent countries we occupied a considerable position on the market of sanitary goods, which year by year is growing continuously.

In today



As the result of the environmentally aware thinking the Styron Ltd. on raw material consumption and in production technology use on significant development work too. The acquisition of ISO 14001 environment management systems was important step and reflects company’s commitment trustworthily on the area of the environment protection. Our quality management system works according to EN ISO 9001 standards properly since 2001. Our company aims to meet the requirements and with the import products with similar categories with can be in competition.




The firm’s designer background, own toolmaker workshop and qualified workforce enables continuous improvement and the distinguished quality of the products, while our firm’s searching new future challenges. In search of our customer’s claims We compiled our supply of goods, which the quality and design characterize Our market positions justify our firm’s commitment towards the quality and the next basic principle stands in the centre of our company’s philosophy: “The market defines the quality”


Our team