General questions

Contact of Sales Representative

The hungarian, czech / slovakian and croatian sales representative contact information can be found listed under the contacts tab.

Metal parts

All metal parts are manufactured of stainless materials to avoid the corrosion.

Products clean up

All of stainless steel and chrome covered surfaces (particularly metal traps and shower channel’s grids): We recommend that to dissolved a small amount of liquid soap in warm water and clean up with it, then rinse with warm water to clean, soft cloth to wipe dry.

Plastic traps cleaning:  We are recommend cleaning every six months. After a longer period we can not be guaranteed the undamaged fittings and sealing rings due to the contamination. In such leakage can occur lesion at the nuts which may indicate a limescale deposits. To prevent the deposition of pollutants use detergent and then rinse with plenty of hot water.


All our products to assemble easily (which contains nuts and / or O-ring) it is recommended that prior to instalation lubricate of silicone (or silicone spray) grease, which is water-repellent and good lubrication even in the metallic threaded part as well.

Properly not installed (Ignoring the installation manual). What can I do?

Please reading the instruction manuals carefully before proceeding with your installation. Styron Kft. takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any content other than recommended (installation manuals) way.

I'm having technical problems with Styron products. What do I do?

For any warranty issues please contact the following contacts: e-mail: e-mail:

Tel.: +36-29-629-030

Bath traps


Under upper load pressure  the pop up plug is tilting (protected from mechanical damage) relieving the heavy mass (and prevents it from breaking).

I would like to access the built-in bath trap. How is it possible ?

Our company’s recommends the creation of inspection door installation to avoid any inconveniences. Failing it the bath trap replace just only with breaking tiles possible.

Shower channel

I bought shower channel with stainless steel grid. If the channel's body has been installed is it possible to replace the grid for glass grid without breakdown of shower channel body?

Our Shower channel is designed to provide an opportunity for the grid replacemenet. Two small plastic piece can be solved by to using the glass grid.

What is the flow rate of the shower channels?

In case of stainless steel grid types max. 60 l / min flow. (Except Klasszik and Floor type)
Glass grid types (as well as in case of Klasszik and Floor stíinless steel types) max. 50 l / min.flow

What does it operation of water and air trap?

With the mechanical and water trap we can effectively prevent the stench influx into the living space. The plain water trap disadvantage is that in addition to non-permanent use it will dries out Therefore, our products are available with mechanical (ball) trap too, which is designed to ward off the water trap disadvantage.


Why space saver trap is it good?

Space saver traps adnavtage: Extra space under the sink, possibility to store  bin, bucket, cleaners ect.

Also useable for wash-basin for disabled and if appropriate if the drain stub outlet more than 20-30 cm wrong direction.

Air admittance valves

What could be the reason to the water trap dried up?

The bigger water flow in the sewage system’s downpipe causes vacuum, without air admittance valve the flow could potentially suck the water out of the trap. Due to reduced pressure in the network automatically will open and allow air into the system.

Floor drains

What type of floor drains are available and what are the advantages?

Styron Kft. Offers a variety of customer needs fully satisfactory floor drains. Accordingly, they are available with one, multi (two or three) or vertical outlet type. The polypropylene raw material traps mountable with glued bindings, some types are available with insulation sheet. The insulation sheet material: PVC, so it is fit for any other insulation material. Canning: The polypropylene floor drains meet the requirements of modern installation technology due to the gasket of socket and rubber ring matching.Each model can be upgraded with water and mechanical trap, which provides protection against odors from the event of the complete dryness trap.
Pipe extension: available with stainless steel cover plate. It can be cut in optional size, adjusting for the floor structure thickness.

Toliet cisterns and accessories

What type of built-in cisterns are available?

You can choose from three system depending on wall structure: 1.) Behind the brick or YTONG walls : NIAGARA
2.) Behind plasterboard walls: NIAGARA FIX
3.) For sidewall mounting: NIAGARA FIX PLUS
The only difference is the method of mounting against the wall. A common feature of all three systems reliability, easy to assemble, save space. The flushing can be operate with the two push-button flush plate. This is the only visible part of the built-in toilet cistern. The two buttons allow smaller or larger amount of flushing water from the toilet tank.

Toilet Connectors

What type of toilet connectors are available?

Styron Kft. Toilet connectors wide range available such as straight, eccentric connecting and elbows. The diverse product range, all kinds of toilet wiring solution assists. The design and high quality raw material for the rubber seals jointly guarantee the easy and quick mounting and durable, leak-free connection.